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  • image of a tick to represent a bullet point 5 exam standard mocks, suggested answers & answer plans
  • image of a tick to represent a bullet point 20 Master Classes explaining the answers of all mock exams
  • image of a tick to represent a bullet point Downloadable study material
  • image of a tick to represent a bullet point Personalized tutor feedback on answer scripts & 1-1 mentoring
  •   and more...
  • image of a tick to represent a bullet point 5 mocks, suggested answers & answer plans
  • image of a tick to represent a bullet point 20 Master Classes of all mock exams
  • image of a tick to represent a bullet point Downloadable study material
  • image of a tick to represent a bullet point Personalized tutor feedback & 1-1 mentoring
  •   and more...

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“I got 101 marks for OCS, simply due to the quality of mocks provided by TCS” says Musa who attempted the exam in February 2023.

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  • 15 mocks across OCS, MCS & SCS
  • Covers all OTQ syllabus areas
  • Preseen specific and exam standard

1-1 Tutor Feedback

Receive personalized attention from our Lead Tutors to elevate the quality of your answers and master your exam techniques. Learn from your mistakes and ensure a first-time pass with our expert guidance!

“With the help of TCS, I achieved an all-India 2nd rank. This wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for TCS’s mocks and tutor feedback’’ says Shloka who achieved 109 marks for OCS in May 2022.

Boost your exam performance by practicing on our Exam Platform

TCS's exam platform offers a true-to-life exam experience, enabling you to sharpen your skills with each mock attempt. Practice answering questions and master time management techniques under realistic conditions with a simulated interface and time limit.

“I came back to CIMA exams after a 6 year break. Attempting mocks via TCS’s exam platform ensured a first-time pass for SCS” - Chamal: February 2023

Streamline Your Success with Our Masterclasses

Enhance your understanding of case study questions and elevate your application skills. Our Masterclasses are precisely tailored to:

  • Decrypt the Logic: Master the 'why' behind each question.
  • Solidify Theory: Learn core concepts & theories, easily.
  • Sharpen Your Application Skills: Apply knowledge effectively considering any scenario.

"Masterclasses from TCS were crucial for my success.I really wouldn't have learnt theory and understood its application if not for these Masterclasses”, says Sarah.

Attend our Live Webinar Series. It’s Free!

Unlock the secrets of CIMA case studies with our live weekly webinars. Master the technicalities and exam techniques to ensure a first-time pass!

  • Webinar 1: Study Plan - Create a winning study strategy tailored to your goals.
  • Webinar 2: Preseen Analysis - Analyze preseen materials to ace your case study approach.
  • Webinar 3: Answering Technique - Develop effective answering techniques for exam success.
  • Webinar 4: Exam Prep - Prepare confidently for the big day with expert guidance.
  • Workshop 1 & 2: Q&A with Tutor - Engage in interactive sessions and get your doubts resolved.
  • Workshop 3: Final Q&A - A last-minute boost to fine-tune your preparation.

Please check the schedule of upcoming webinars by checking the study plans via OCS, MCS and SCS pages.

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About TCS

TCS is your one-stop CIMA hub, committed to ensuring your success in the first sitting, hassle-free. Our student-friendly approach includes personalized attention, tailor-made study plans, top-notch exam standard mocks, and comprehensive feedback. All materials are meticulously prepared by our Lead Tutors, experts with over 10 years of experience in CIMA education. They will provide personalized feedback on your mocks, guiding you towards excellence.

Join a thriving community of more than 200 students on our online discussion forum, where you can directly ask questions to our Lead Tutors, receive valuable exam techniques, and benefit from last-minute study tips – all at no additional cost. Collaborate, learn from each other, and expand your professional network!

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TCS stands out with our 5-exam standard mock exams and suggested answers, all prepared by our Lead Tutors with over 10 years of CIMA education experience. Personalized feedback from these Lead Tutors enhances your preparation, and you can attempt all mocks under real exam conditions using our online platform. Additional material provides in-depth insights into the pre-seen, industry, and exam techniques. Masterclasses further enrich your learning experience.
TCS' pass rates surpass CIMA pass rates. Don't just take our word for it—check our testimonials!
With our pass guarantee, we ensure you pass in your first sitting. If, by any chance, you fail after using TCS' material, we provide access to the equivalent product for the subsequent sitting, free of charge. To claim your pass guarantee, you need to fulfill the following terms and conditions.
Our Value Pack suits those who has championed CIMA OTQ exams and are confident in self-learning. The Premium Pack offers personalized feedback, mentorship, masterclasses and access to our Online Mock Exam Platform, perfect for those on exemption routes or seeking improvement.
You can download various study materials but, to safeguard our assets, video lectures, mock exam questions, and suggested answers are viewable via TCS' Student Dashboard.
Absolutely! Personalized feedback is available for mocks 3, 4 and 5, marked by TCS' Lead Tutors. Track your scores, tutor feedback, and progress via the student dashboard. You can also opt for feedback on all 5 mocks for an additional fee.
Yes! Our study resources, personalized study plans, and pass guarantee ensure you can comfortably pass in your first sitting. Need more info? Drop us an email at or message us via the website's chat.