Operational Case Study (OCS)

  • 4 Free live webinars
  • 4 pre-seen analysis video lectures
  • 6+ hours of video lectures explaining the answers of 3 mocks
  • 5 exam standard mock exams and suggested answers
  • Downloadable annotated pre-seen, industry analysis, financial analysis and OTQ revision cards
  • Personalized tutor feedback on answer scripts and 1-1 mentoring
  • Access to the exam platform, where all mocks can be attempted under real-life exam conditions
  • Personalized study plans

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Course Pricing

  Essentials Value Premium
Recorded versions of 4 webinars
5 Mock Exams with Suggested Answers
4 preseen analysis videos
Annotated preseen
Industry analysis cards
Financial analysis cards
Top 10 likely issues
Case study familiarization kit
Access tutor managed live chat (Via Twilio)
Theory recaps of OTQ syllabus content
Access to online mock exam platform (LMS)
Professional marking and 1-1 tutor feedback on 3 mocks
Answer plans of all mocks
20 master classes, explaining the answers of all mocks
7 tutor-led weekly webinars & workshops
Monthly instalement payment option
Pass guarantee   Eligibility Criteria




All products are available until the 28th of February 2024.

OCS Study Plan


Simply put, the 5-exam standard mock exams and suggested answers, coupled with personalized feedback. All mocks and answers are prepared by our Lead Tutors carrying more than 10 years of experience in CIMA education.

Personalized feedback to your answers will be provided by the same Lead Tutors. you will gain access to an online mock exam platform where you can attempt all mocks under real exam conditions. The additional material provided will ensure that you gain an in-depth insight into the pre-seen, the industry and exam technique.

*Refer to resource pages relevant for OCS, MCS and SCS to checkout samples of mocks & suggested answers, personalized feedback, annotated pre-seen, videos and additional material.

The pass rates differ across OCS, MCS and SCS. However, the pass rates are way beyond CIMA pass rates. Want to find out more? Simply check our testimonials.

A pass guarantee ensures that you’d pass in your first sitting itself. However, if a student fails the exam after using TCS's material (which is highly unlikely), we will be providing access to the equivalent product in the subsequent session, free of charge!

Note that personalized tutor feedback will NOT be provided in the subsequent session if a student claims the pass guarantee. However, a student can request for tutor feedback at GBP 30 per mock.

The student needs to email a copy of their official CIMA result sheet, along with a document for identification (National ID or Passport) to info@studyattcs.com to claim the offer.

The Essential Pack is relevant for students who have aced the OTQ exams and those who are comfortable with self-learning.

The Value Pack is relevant for students who are seeking for constructive feedback and mentoring and for those who are coming through an exemption route (FLP or Gateway). You will have access to our very own Online Mock Exam Platform where mocks can be attempted under exam conditions. The Value Pack also consists of theory recaps for all OTQ syllabus areas and are concise, easy to use and downloadable. Personalized feedback will be provided by our Lead Tutors within 48 hours upon submission of your answer to TCS’s exam platform.

If you need further assistance in decrypting the suggested answers, you can also invest on the Essential Plus+ or Value Plus+ package, where you will gain access to 6+ hours of video lectures explaining the answers of 3 mocks (36 sub tasks in total on average). These packages are specifically recommended for students who have failed the case study exam previously. The packages are also beneficial for students who lack theoretical knowledge, or those who want to significantly improve the quality of answers and application skills.

You can download the annotated pre-seen, industry analysis, financial analysis, top 10 issues, case study familiarization kit and theory recap notes.

However, the video lectures, mock exam questions and suggested answers can only be viewed online via TCS’s Learning Management System. This is due to copyright issues and to safeguard TCS’s digital assets from theft or unauthorized distribution.

Indeed! Personalized feedback will be provided for 3 mocks, along with mark breakdowns. All answer scripts are marked by TCS’s Lead Tutors to maintain the quality of feedback. The scores, tutor feedback and course progress can be tracked easily via the student dashboard which comes with a progress tracker.

You can also opt for feedback on all 5 mocks for an additional fee.

Indeed! You can pass in your first sitting comfortably, by solely using the TCS study resources and working as per the personalized study plans provided by our tutors. In fact, our pass rates are way beyond CIMA pass rates and we offer a pass guarantee!

Need more info? Simply drop us an email on info@studyattcs.com or drop us a message via the website’s live chat.